Friday, September 19, 2008

What we think and feel becomes real

What we think and feel becomes real.  When you think of someone you haven't spoken to for awhile and then they call is a simple example of how powerful our thoughts really are.  So with that being said I was remind this last couple of weeks on how quickly life can change from positive to negative.  I realized speaking for myself if you people get it or not how important it is to pray or meditate when I go to sleep and when I wake up the next day.  I surf because it is something a love to do and it gives me the  energy and clarity of what life is all about happiness.  I shape surfboards and paint for the same reasons they all open up my mind and keep me balanced to be more creative and most importantly happiness.  This might be a bit much for you ego driven people to except and realize how simple life really is when you let go of ego.  Yes I admit I went through many years of the ego trip until I realized how much time and energy it took away from the simple pleasures in life like pure happiness ego free. So thank you to all my friend and family and new friends to come for all of your support with my new surfboard gallery.  We can only live our lives in the moment one day at a time so focus on only what you want and enjoy the ride. Like I say if your just looking for a deal, don't waste my time what I give money can't buy.  I build boards to the individuals ability so I want sell you a board you can't ride. THANKS

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