Monday, October 27, 2008

Shaping Surfboards and Surfing in San Clemente

This was in september of 08 with my good friend Mike at lowers.  This board is the third generation off one of my favorite boards I have  surfed for over 8 years.  This is a 6'6 by 19.25 by 2.50 thick.  I grew up riding longboards and everything in between.  This board was a bit thick for my weight but it had plenty of drive and speed through the the slow sections.  In this photo I'm doing a speed check turn to set up for a drawn out bottom turn into the next section.  Speed and timing is the key to solid turns.  All of the surfboards used in the photo's are available and I'm in constant research and development with new boards on the way.  So stop by San Clemente Surfboards & Art  gallery and check out the boards.  I specialize in custom shaped Surfboards of all shapes and size's.  Stay tuned for more photo's to come.  

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