Friday, October 17, 2008

Surfing Lowers on San Clemente Surfboards

Surfing Lowers on San Clemente SurfboardsThis is a research and development day at trestles on my new San Clemente Surfboard.  I met up with my good friend mike aka chewy at 7ish at my store. This day I was feeling like riding a round pin so I picked out a 6'5 three fin by either 19.25 wide or maybe 19 and at least 2.3/8 thick.  We drove down El Camino Real to basilone to check it out and it was Id say 4 to 6ft swell happening at the infamous trestles skate park. The crowd was not to bad when the swell is pretty consistent.  Forgive me for the short blog but this is my first photo of many many different shots from surfing to surfboards to shaping to art.  So stay tuned for the next blog and remember what we think and feel becomes real.   

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