Monday, February 23, 2009

Qualty custom shaped surfboards by Paul Carter

So tell me people what is one of the most important points in purchasing a new surfboard? Most people would say price but most people that are only looking at a good deal don't necessarily care or are concerned about who shapes the board or where it comes from.
So with that being said from my own experience most of the surfboards that i enjoyed came from shapers that surfed.  I get people that walk into San Clemente Surfboards & Art and are only looking for a good deal and I asked them whats more important getting a surfboard that works for you or just getting a surfboard at a good price that is not suited for your ability? My surfboards are made in the USA and are HAND MADE not from a mold or from a country that pops them out for profit period.
I have been shaping Surfboards since 1993 and stopped counting at 6200 surfboards over 8 years ago.
I grew up riding everything from heavy classic long and short boards all the way into the rebirth of all the modern twin fins,three fins,four fins, five fins and single fin. I'm consistently researching and surfing many different surfboard designs shapes and fins.
 My surfboards are made for each individual and there ability and where they like to surf. My surfboards are shaped from many many years of surfing experience and hundreds of thousands of hours in the water riding everything from 5'9 all the way up to 9 to 10ft plus surfboards.
I build custom hand shaped surfboards for each and every individual for ALL ages and any size surfboards. So if you are only looking for a good deal then please don't waste my time and your time.
If you you want a great quality hand shaped surfboard at a very reasonable price then please come in and will be more than happy to take the time to build your custom surfboard.
I don't know to many shops you can walk into and talk directly to the shaper. So if you ready and willing to get a functional surfboard made for your weight and ability and the waves you like to surf then come into SCS and check out what we have and order a custom surfboard that will work for YOU.
Dare to be different and have the courage to ride a surfboard that is shaped by a surfer, I ride everything from short to long and everything in between so anyone that's says i only shape longboards are misinformed and don't know my backround.  Enjoy the ride of life one wave at a time and remember you can't surf if you cant catch the wave.

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