Monday, June 22, 2009

Learning to sail through life

It's not all about enjoying the smooth sailing through life in relationships it's all about how two people work together through the small storms that life creates to makes us better people. We meet people to learn from or remind us of what is important and what is not important. Ive been told we meet our emotional equals which I believe there is some truth to that statement. I also realize that two people can only go so far together and it's part of the journey to move on from people and remain friends with some and other sometimes never see again. So don't be sad or disapointed when that day comes and it's time to move on because it's in meeting all the different people in each of our lives is what shapes our soul and spirit to break all the negative conditioned patterns from our past. So enjoy each day to the fullest and work together with your partner and work through your own conditioning and life will only get better.

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