Wednesday, March 19, 2014

New Surfboard Handshaped shortboard Paul Carter

here is a custom shortboard for all types of waves with a five fin set up for the many options
handshaped surfboards by Paul Carter
New surfboards and shortboards in SoCal San Clemente. As a Hand shaper for over 20 years I still enjoy Hand shaping all my boards. It's sculpting and art with every aspect hand made in the USA.
Here is a light blue in opeque color which is mixed in the resign which gives a classic look on a modern surfboard. The board Is 19.75 wide by 2.38 thick for with a nice curve in the tail outline for speed and tight turns in the pocket. 
Set up with future fins the F6 and I like the 350s for the back quad set up for more munuverabiltiy and speed and less drag.
The clear board is a 6'4 by 2.58 thick by 21.50 this is for a guy in the 175-200 lb range a excellent board for waves in the solid waist to over head surf also set up as a five fins as well. 
If your getting a quad get the center fin you will be happy you did. It gives many more options for many types of waves. Let me know if you have any comment or questions.
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