Thursday, July 31, 2014

The art of hanshaped surfboards San Clemente

The art scultping of Handshaped surfboards in San Clemente has many roots all the way back to the first surf shop of Velzy Jacabs in the late 50s.

The shop was located on north el camino real were the Aussie dogs is now just up from another shop with roots and fellow shaper Timmy Patterson.

There is a lot of history in SC with shops that have come and moved on such as infinity were the catalyst shop or lost surfboards is now off pico on the ocean side.
That shop was home to Rick James surfboards,Herbie Fletcher and many more. 

I think of Midget smith with whom I shared a shaping room with for 3 years. Midget was a great surfer and shaper and fun to surf with I always enjoyed talking with midget.
I'm  told he had a shop down by the sc pier in the late 70s.

The shops that followed were also started by fellow hand shapers such as Brian Clark of BC surfboards just north of del mar street. 

Stewarts shop is another shop at the south end of El Camino Real both here and Brian are in the craftsmen category and both good surfers.

I will expand further on the many shapers in San Clemente from the past to the present.

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