Friday, May 06, 2016

learn How to fine sand a surfboard shaping tips PaulCarter 2/3

Fine sanding a new hand shaped surfboard.

Some simple tips from a rough shape to a fine sanded completed surfboard. 

I use 60 grit first with a flat block for the blending and smoothing out the lines on on the bottom and the deck.  Next I will use the 1 inch foam block with 60 grit to blend the deck to the rails.  Last I use 80 grit for the fine sanding.

These are standard sized sand paper with a balsa block cut to your hand size.  You can use any type of wood, I like a lighter wood such as balsa. 

I have 3 sanding blocks, one with flat no foam and one with half inch and one with 1inch foam, I mainly use the flat and 1inch foam.
Above is a nice example of a fine sanded surfboard. 

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Keep creating and enjoy the process.


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