Sunday, December 18, 2016

San Clemente Surfboards Art Review by Paul Carter

This is a fun all around board for nose riding and carving or cruising through the sections.   This board is a 7'11 and works great from 7 to 8fit range.  I build custom hand shaped surfboards for your dreams.

 I enjoy riding a 9 foot board but I wanted to change it up with a combination of a the best of a short and longboard something that I could still carve in the pocket and also hang five or 10 through the sections.   

I use the 325 and 350 future side bites depending on the size of waves,  with a 8 to 8.50-DD center fin and all the way back in the box which is set at 6.5,  the side boxes on this board are set at 18 to give it the single fin feel with the carving option when you want it.

The wedge stringer was an inspiration from a Renny Yater Surfboard I saw in the early 90s. 
I began incorporating the wedge stringer from 1995 to 2004 in many hand shaped surfboards.

So it came full circle this last year and I'm stoked to have the wedge stringer back again.  Join my instagram tribe from the link below.

HandShaped by Paul Carter

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“Learn How to painting abstract art surfboard 3/3 Paul Carter #004”

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