Wednesday, November 03, 2021

The waves of change by Paul Carter

Waves are empowering on many levels from the power and the energy it is learned by experiencing them.

This is a reflection wave directly onto the foam of recently shaped board from pencil to paint set on the two wood stringers.
Wave art  on a surfboard  by Paul Carter 8-2021

A multi layered abstract painting on canvas using acrylic paints, and paint pens. 

The abstract background opens the mind and the wave and palm trees give this painting a vintage classic time travel experience.

Waves of change art by Paul Carter 8/2021

Another shaped surfboard with custom colors and a request for a wave for this customer.   

Custom made in all shapes and sizes and clear to multi color designs.   

Thanks for the positive support, energy and intentions from each of you. 

Keep the creative fire stoked.


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