Wednesday, April 26, 2023

New abstract painted surfboard & fin art by #paulcarterart

Hello tribe,   here is my new fin I was inspired to paint.  This will be for my new ten footer recently completed.
This 10’0 is a super glider with many speed spots and made to turn and even carve when waves and inspiration kicks in.
This was hand painted with a top and bottom abstract painting with some original waves.
The board is glassed with 6 bottom double six top with a volan knee patch for knee paddling.  
Tidy I weighed the board and it came in around 20 in a quarter pound, which is excellent.
Custom san Clemente surfboards & art by Painting Paul Carter

So the last 3strnger I shaped was in 1999,  It was a 10’2 with 3 redwood stringers. The center was half inch and the side stringers were quarter inch, the blank was made by Clark foam at the time.
At that time I used a 9.5 DD by fins Unlimited , which worked great gave the board plenty of maneuverability..

Painting by Paul Carter 4-2023
This fan is also a 9.5 DD by fins Unlimited. The fan originally came with a nice green tint in a sanded finish.
With this last full moon, I was inspired to not only paint this fan, but include a full moon and the sunset.

If you look closely at the fan, he will see a silhouette of an individual sitting on the sand the beach which is a great reminder for me to stay present and consistent with self regulating in the morning and throughout the day with proper breathing.

Below is a YouTube short video. It’s about a minute long and for each of you that have joined the tribe. I think you and for you that are new. I’d be stoked if you join the tribe and click subscribe.

Keep creating keep the fire stoked. Do not compare your life to anyone’s, unless you’re inspired by individuals. 

Custom surfboard & art by Paul Carter

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