Saturday, September 30, 2023

Custom made surfboard & art Paul Carter

A short story with Brad basham 
This board goes back a many years with my friend Brad basham, he was getting rid of some damaged blanks This was a 7’6 blank that I reshape down to a 5’10 shortboard. 
Brad and I talked and we decided he would do the glassing and the abstract tint which came out great.
I would create the freehand art without forcing it.
Abstract art sketches and shape by Paul Carter
I have known Brad since the mid 1980s and we surfed a lot of fun waves at trestles.  He was a flowing surfer and I enjoyed watching him connect the dots on some long walls up and down the different spots at trestles.

 I also enjoyed surfing with both he and his girlfriend Lynn who also surfed well. We all enjoyed many seasons and sessions together.

This is a time capsule of what was going at that time and all the thoughts and emotions as well.  

I am reminded of how important it is to stay present and enjoy the times together with friends and family. 

I thank each of you for the positive support and all the uplifting conversations and for following the creative journey. 

Please join the positive tribe on Instagram and YouTube search @paulcarterart, thank you.

I appreciate your positive energy and support it fuels the creative fire.

Custom surfboards art by Paul Carter
Keep the creative fire stoked and and remember no validation required.

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