Wednesday, September 13, 2023

New life from broken surfboard #paulcarterart

New life from a broken surfboard
A friend of mine called me one day and said I have 3/4 of a broken 9ft board, would you like it.
He was surfing on a pretty big day when the board broke  a couple feet from the nose.
He stripped all the glass off the board and it was ready to be re-shaped for the second time and a new life.
This is the outline I could cut out of the remaining blank, which was about 3 inches thick.
I decided to go with a 1970s style single fin outline as much as I could with what was left of the blank.
I had to do a lot of rough shaping to shape in the nose, rocker and tail rocker Rails etc.
This board could be ridden in the right Surf.
Ustinov shaped and painted surfboard by Paul Carter
Here are some close-up photos of the hand shaped and hand-painted surfboard.
Custom painted surfboard by Paul Carter
The back has two plugs with a wire through it to hang on the wall, and it does have a long box for single fin set up.
One of kind hand shaped hand painted surfboard by Paul Carter
This is completely free hand painted, and hand shaped using acrylic, paint, with some highlights on the sanded coat before it was lost
Painting a surfboard by Paul Carter

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