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Thursday, January 08, 2015

Optimum Health vine ripened whole foods

Optimum Health with Vine ripened whole foods JuicePlus,pesticide and herbicide free and e.coli free with no hormones certified by (NSF)

I take two capsules of each every day along with the complete powder, take a look at my video on my daily routine

The options are the capsule or the chewables.  I prefer the capsule for mixing with the complete powder.

I also like the chewables for after a hard workout or a little extra energy and quick recovery the complete powder is excellent for feeling great the next day.

Take a look at this link and see the results using JuicePlus.

Clinical Research: Juice Plus Delivers Helpful Vital Fruit and Vegetable Nutrition

Clinical Research Results using JuicePlus whole foods
Vine Ripened Whole Foods

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