Friday, February 01, 2008

time line of san clemente surfboards

Just wanted to share a short story on the life and rebirth of a store. Well lets see you go all the way back to 1999999999-97 and san clemente surfboards was started. Well you fast forward 2222222222222222-2000 I was driving alone in my 1971 mach 1 metelic blue mustang with A four on the floor hurst shifter and a 351c four barrel under the hood. A set a tires and a clutch and a six year ride it was time for a change and I sold the girl to a 26yrs old kid and his girlfriend with a 1999 moder mustang. I took the kid on a red line ride i looked over and he was hanging on the the seat like he just soiled his pants. By the time we got back he counted the cash three time and looked me in the eye and says is ther anything els i should know about the car.------ I thought and all i could say was kid dont ever race your girlfriend if you want to keep her. Now i thought I
the money to buy my own store you guesed it SCS.... TO BE CONTINUED SOON SO STAY TUNED FOR THE SECOND CHAPTER.

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