Friday, March 15, 2013

Classic longboard in San Clemente

The beauty of 3 stringers gives a classic look from the 1960s. The wood tail blocks themselves are becoming a lost art of shaping, let along the art of Hand Shaping this day in age with the rise in computer shaping (designing) machines which have there pace for the high volume corporations and companies out there. I still enjoy and shape all of the boards by hand. Stop in on the weekends for your next custom surfboard or art piece. 949-370-5807
Stay stoked and inspired

classic longboard shape with 3 stringers

classic longboard shape with wood tail block


Pamela Schatz said...

It's so amazing and I like the graphics, it's rides really good and it turns really good. I have gotten a lot of compliments about it and I just love it.

San Clemente Surfboards & Art By Paul Carter said...

Thank you Pamela sorry for the delay it got lost. Glad you like and enjoy the board