Thursday, June 04, 2015

Organic Green Smoothie Recipes for optimum health

Organic green smoothie recipes for optimum health.  I have a smoothie 3 to 5 times a week from the tower garden.

For the extra fuel and energy for my active lifestyle I get it from an amazing powder called the complete powder it has 20 plant based foods that gives me energy for 3-5 hours of healthy balanced energy.

Take a look at thes great green recipes below

Going Green: A Round-Up of our Favorite Juice Plus Complete Green Smoothie Recipes

Growing Organic Greens is easy dirt free uses 90% less water for fresh truly organic food daily.
Growing Organic Easy Daily
Growing organic is fun and very simple with this tower garden system.
My Organic Garden
Take a look at this video I put together about daily reminders and my daily whole foods foundation, click on the link

Any questions let me know,  send email to or 949-370-5807, enjoy today and always focus on the good.

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