Monday, August 31, 2015

Growing organic tomatoes

Growing organic tomatoes dirt free.

This is my first crop of tomatoes using 90% less water and yes dirt free.  It's on a self watering timer and the minerals are mixed in the water.

organic growing made easy and fun
These are Roma tomatoes.
growing organic food made easy and fun
organic tomatoes
The key is to train or cut the plants early to keep them contained on the tower.
I also grew cucumbers which turned out great.  In the photo is one ripe and one halfway.
how to grow organic cucumbers
organic cucumbers
This system is very easy to maintain and a fun project.  I'm very thankful for the amazing healthy food for my salads and smoothies daily.

I hope your health is a top priority it's a daily choice not by chance.

Feel free to contact me with your questions at or 949-370-5807.

Send email and I will send you a quick video on how this system works.

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