Sunday, April 01, 2018

San Clemente Surfboards & Art Paul Carter

This surfboard was inspired by a Phil Edwards and a Mike Hynson surfboard that I saw in person and from old surf moves like endless Summer.

The fin was plain yellow until one day I was surfing and lost the board on the rocks and loosened the fin in the process.

I decide to paint the fin on both sides to give it some love and re glass it. 

 The board was shaped around 1994-95, I ordered this custom 3 redwood strnger blank from Clark foam at that time,

Original artwork by
Paul Carter

Little did I know that I would begin painting in 2000 and as you see from the paintings on both sides this is what I was inspired to create.

Handshaped surfboard by
Paul Carter

Hand painted fin by
Paul Carter
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