Sunday, April 01, 2018

Drawing surf art from black ink to color

A surf dream drawing inspired by my travels around the planet and the dreams along way.

Using archival ink with this freehand drawing of a tropical dream surf spot with the classic shack on the beach makes this drawing art and therepy on a few levels.

Drawing waves surf Artist Paul Carter
Sanclemente Artist
Surf art by Paul Carter
 I have been playing with paint pens and colored ink pens and some colored pencils along with digital drawings and coloring to learn the different options and techniques that are necessary for each application.

I get inspired by nature all the time and the dreams are gettting more frequent with many surf spots to surf mentally and physically.

SoCal Surfer-Shaper-Artist
Surf drawings
Paul Carter 
Always act on the inspiration and the best way to excel at anything is learning by doing the activity consistently.

Get yourself a nice sketch book and some pens and pencils and embrace your art,  it’s art & health therepy from the inside out.

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