Wednesday, August 29, 2018

San Clemente Surfboards & art by Paul Carter

Some of the latest inspirations on this journey as a Surfer-Shaper-Artist and health and well being guide, from Surfboards to sunsets and all the creativity in between🎨
I have been traveling up and down the coast this summer meeting many quality new friends and spreading the word with how to properly breathe and what happens between nose and mouth breathing and the power of having a daily vine ripened whole foods foundation for recovery-repair and prevention.
Custom Surfboards & art by Paul Carter San Clemente California
Paul Carter Surfboards
San Clemente Surfboards 
By request I have been teaching mobile meditations at the beautifal beaches and homes and businesses up and down the coast and listening and learning by doing the work with each of you.

It awesome to see and experience the break throughs with each of you and your health and well being.

To schedule a personal or group mediation and nutritional evaluation simply email or for those ready to get started call 949-370-5807.

Available for zoom calls and phone or FaceTime calls.

I look forward to the opportunity with Positive intentions.

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