Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Sunrise at Sano breathing in the moment

12-25-2018  it’s Christmas morning with some rain falling here in San Clemente and it is awesome.  

These photos were taken in the last week or so on a morning sunrise at Sano with some amazing colors to say the least.

Sunrise at Sano by Paul Carter
I appreciate this one of kind beach that has taught me a lot through surfing and the cast characters on the journey over many years.

Sunrise Sano shack by Paul Carter
This place has help me get back on track many times and the ocean is a magical, healing, place to release and renew the mind, spirit, body and soul.

 I am grateful and thankful for all the people I have become friends with from the past into the present and future with positive intentions.
Sunrise at Sano (Jim-fingermill-Irwin)
By Paul Carter 12-2018 
I am focused on learning by doing the inner work daily and the freedom that comes with more awareness is unlimited and empowering on many levels.

So respect yourself and each other and keep cleaning house from the inside out and please pick up any trash you come across and keep breaking the conditioned chains in the brain and the body.

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