Sunday, December 30, 2018

Drawing & painting tropical surf art by Paul Carter

The first step is to get the inspiration down on paper and draw the design I am after before anything els.  

In this drawing I added a lot of positive reminders.

I put all of the words, quotes, and positive reminders on the back of the wood panel 

Original surfboards and art by Paul Carter
Surfboards & Art by Paul Carter
12-2018 freehand 
 This is a 6 x 12 inch bass wood panel which I picked up at the San Clemente art supply in San Clemente California.

I really like to use these panels because they are sanded and clean and smooth and ready to go, and  can be used for all types of paint as you will see in the video.
Surfboards & Art freehand by Paul Carter
I am reminded of how much I enjoy drawing and painting, when I break the old chains ⛓ of lies and thoughts and in embrace the creative process.  

it’s very empowering, inspiring and I really enjoy the beginning to the completed artwork.

Thank you for checking out the latest and remember to have more awareness of the thoughts and the  feelings you do and do not want in your mind and body.

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