Friday, May 10, 2019

Surf dream painting inspired in part by Thomas Kinkadet

I received a card in the past few months and I looked at it for a few minutes and I appreciated the art.

Like many artist from centuries before me, I was inspired by the art and put it aside and went on my way with the journey of life.  

Born in laguna beach California I have been a Surfer-Shaper-Artist all my life each evolving into the next and the next.

As you see from black and white to color, I have been inspired with the painting and drawing of clouds and the panoramic scene is a surfers dream or at least my own dream.

The journey continues to grow from the inside out the more I learn by doing.

Custom Surfboards and art by Paul Carter 2019
Original art by Surfer Shaper Artist
Paul Carter 2019

Inspired art by Surfer Shaper Artist
Paul Carter  2019

Than you for your positive support and intentions much apprenticed for taking the time to read the blog journal.

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