Friday, September 06, 2019

Surfer Shaper Artist R/D by Paul Carter #paulcartersurfboards

Some research and development on a 9ft Hand Shaped, Hand Painted Surfboard.

My journey as a Surfer began between age 4-5 next to the jetty at doheny on a 10ft board.  

I Was pushed into a one foot wave and standing with my feet side by side going straight in the the sandy section of the beach.  

Well the fire was lit inside of my mind, spirit, body and soul and the journey began that day.

The ocean and the waves have been a source of facing my fears and healing my soul. 

When I began my journey hand shaping surfboards little did I know I was shaping my own life on many levels.

Surfer Shaper Artist Paul Carter 8-19
By Mike Muir 

A small day and staying light on my feet, letting the waves do the work for trim speed to do a quick pivot turn.

When I look at the surf shots. I am looking at many aspects a couple being the rail lines and the water lines off the rails.

I enjoy riding many types and styles of surfboards from 5’9 to 10-11ft.

Each board has a different trim speeds and turning spots and some have a few speed spot to tap into.
Paul Carter Surfboards and art 8-19
Surfer  Shaper Artist Paul Carter 8-19 ph-M.Miur

With hand shaping 100% I go through a mental journey to stay present and let go of the mental distractions that might pop up in the sculpting process.

These photos were shot 8-2019 by a long time friend Mike Muir and I am grateful for them.
san clemente surfboards & art by Paul Carter
Surfer-Shaper-Artist Paul Carter R/D 8-19 photo by M.Miur

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