Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Custom artwork on surfboard fins by Paul Carter 8-19 #paulcarterart

When I started surfing at age  5 it was the beginning of an adventure with the sea and the many waves of change of growth and exploration and facing my fears and staying focused on my dreams and positive goals.

The first fin I painted was put on the second classic 3 stringer I hand shaped was around 94-95.
  It was glassed on the board directly with no box.  It was a 3 stringer at the time from Clark foam, all redwood stringers.   It was and still is a beautiful board with a classic antique Hawaiian painting on the fin. 

When I started painting in 2000 I was inspired to do so and I went for it and been at it ever since.   My journey began with the process of learning by doing. 

The first fin below is two sided using a paint pen and 100% freehand.
I have traveled to beautiful place with amazing waves and tropical and forest landscapes, this a surf dream from parts of my travels and a Surfers dream perspective with a right & left point break.
Freehand art by Paul Carter
Paul Carter freehand art 2019

Surf Shaper Artist craftsman Paul Carter
Custom freehand art in a surfboard fin by Paul Carter 2019
The abstract fin below is a great way to let go of trying to be perfect and to free oneself of the conditioning by learning by doing.   These fins look amazing in the sunlight and the colors and design go with the custom Surfboards that I hand shape.

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