Saturday, October 12, 2019

Riding the waves of creativity by Paul Carter

 A great morning surf with good friend the others day on my birthday.

Had some great waves of research and development on this hand shaped surfboard with many speed spots.

Growing up riding long and short boards and everything in between,  I have learned that each board has many speed spots.   

In this photo is one of those speed spots with balance and gravity and martial arts.
Test pilot Surfer Shaper Artist Paul Carter 10-19
Paul Carter surfing 10-19 R/D

Here is a surf dream freehand Painted on wood.  This is lighting up a home a some positve intentioned friends and people that are part of my tribe.
Istom hand painted art work by Paul Carter
Original art by Pail Carter 10-19

This is another time capsule of the testing and training with surfing.

Dropping in behind the peak and trimming down into the Power pocket of the wave while on the nose is a unique experience of speed and energy
 Surfing is limitless and shaping them is unlimited and only limited by ones perception.

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