Sunday, November 03, 2019

Custom handpainted fin for new surfboard by Paul Carter

Painting process of a new fin for a new 9’2 round pin glass in single fin in the works.

This is Painted on both sides,   a surfer dream perspective from my travels and inspiration.

San Clemente Surfboards & Art By Paul Carter
Painting a fin side 1 by Paul Carter 11-19

This called ( 24 hour dream)it will be glassed on a one of kind solid bass wood wedge stringer.
Surfboards and art by Paul Carter San Clemente
Painting a fin side 2 by Paul Carter 11-19

Keeping the fire stoked with inspired creativity for a new surfboards that is currently cut out and ready for the rough shaping process.
Custom made fun art by Paul Carter
Painting a fin by Paul Carter 11-19

This is a freehand painting,  using water based paint pens which gives me more freedom and detail.

Stay tuned for some photos of the completed surfboard showing this custom hand painted fin.

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Custom painted surfboard fin by Paul Carter
Hand paint surfboard fin by Paul Carter 

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