Thursday, October 13, 2022

San Clemente surfboards custom painted by Paul Carter

The creative process is a journey in itself from learning shape surfboards by hand since 1993 and to freehand paint these boards directly on the foam is a true test from the inside out. 

These painting and all of the paintings I am inspired ti create at not airbrushed or traced.

Custom shaped and painted surfboards by Paul Carter
To create these boards I will sometimes create a sketch to give the customers an idea from there input and come up with the colors and the size of board to fit in a home or office.

Custom painted surfboards & art by Paul Carter
Learning by doing is how have evolved  and I don’t believe in mistake or failures.
 I look at both as what have I learned? and how will I improve and keep learning?
This last SurfBoard was created out of a blank that was going to be thrown into a dumpster.
It was a 710 Blank and this is the design that I could fit within the blank.

The nose rocker is definitely flatter than the average board, the tail rocker has a nice curve to it.

 The nose is 14.75 wide in the center point is 20.75 and the tail is 14.25.

The thickness with the glass is 2 3/4 in the center with tapered rails.

This board paddles great with plenty of speed and is loose for carving some nice turns.

Thank you for following the journey and join me on Instagram/pcboards for the spontaneous creativity.

To be continued 
Custom made surfboards & Art by Paul Carter


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