Monday, October 03, 2022

The mind is the gold mine by Paul Carter

The mind is the gold mine.
Training the mind takes time and commitment and courage.
We are all consumed by age 7 and learned both positive and negative thinking from them on.
It’s sounds simple enough right?  Well having the awareness of the daily choices that start mentally play out physically as we choose our own thoughts and priorities in life.
Filling the imagination without seeking validation is a training from the inside out.
Yes meditation and breathing techniques help to learn how to stay present and give the mind a break long enough to retrain it with good thoughts and imagination.
To be continued.

Custom art #paulcarterart

These are to great friends and great surfers I have been surfing with since the early 89s and this day was a spontaneous photo seeing how we each ended up in a place we surfed many many waves together. 
Here is spontaneous sketch of a new board I will be creating soon into 8’6 to 9’6 range.  
I haven’t decided on the length but I am thinking in the 9ft-9’6 range for a variety of waves.
Paulcarterart paulcartersurfboards


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