Saturday, July 22, 2023

Discipline training through art by #paulcarterart

Art is a training through discipline.

I am reminded more and more with each new piece of art. I am inspired to create.

The reminders are the daily discipline the positive choices, the healthy priorities, the healthy reminders and the healthy boundaries in every area of one’s life.

I like to recycle material when possible, using wood old surfboard fins, cardboard, food boxes.

The first image is the rough draft of the inspired art.
I am using Poska paint pens, which makes things a little simpler to get the details.
Art is a discipline by Paul Carter
Acting on the inspiration is one thing acting with discipline by choice is training each is empowering.

I have logged out of my Instagram and Facebook account in the last few months and the first week or two. I found myself wanting to check in and post get the Dopamine fix and compare. 

All of these thoughts most through the subconscious mind learn through the subliminal addiction of social media and conditioning .

Everyone does it whether you realize it or not.

Some of the empowering realities are less distractions, which intern creates more focus more clarity and a lot more energy in many areas of my life.

Painting process of art by Paul Carter

 I will be focused more on my website/blog page and YouTube for the time being.

I think each and everyone of you for joining the tribe and clicking subscribe and the likes and your comments.

 Let me know your thoughts and also share with someone who needs some positive reminders.

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