Thursday, July 27, 2023

Unboxing the brain art by Paul Carter

Keep breaking down the boxes in the brain and in life. 

 Today is the 26 of July 2023.11:15am.

I am reminded of the importance of breaking down boxes in the brain and in life.  

I am at one of the local state parks, and i watched three different people throw boxes in the trash can without breaking them down.  So is it lack of logic or is it laziness or is it selfishness?

I am reminded the importance of breaking down the boxes in the brain, just as a trashcan will get filled up, even quicker with boxes that are not broken down the brain will do the same.

Each and everyone of us is conditioned from childhood through adulthood through social media through movies through family through friends. Keep the good and eliminate  the bad.

When one pushes and forces situations and outcomes in relationships or businesses or business from my experience it might work for a year or five years or 10 years or 20 years however, long it takes for one to wake up with the awareness and logic of really what’s important in one’s life.

Breaking down boxes for art by Paul Carter

So this metaphor of breaking down boxes in the brain applies to the physical side as well.  So ask yourself how many boxes of stuff do you have in your brain and in your life and your house that you want to clean out and donate, sell or give to those you think will you is it.

Here is a small insight of a book I am inspired to create.

Once upon a time there lived a boy wise before his time.  He lived his youth in solitude and learned the meaning of gratitude. 

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