Monday, July 10, 2023

Custom painted native life art positive reminders by Paul Carter

Once upon a time there lived a tribe of native Indians.

Imagine a time before electricity before phones before cars before cell phones before the Internet before social media, imagine.

Imagine, living off the land for your shelter for food and water everything to live and not just survive but thrive. 
Ustom original art native life by Paul Carter
I am reminded often the importance of positive intentions and uplifting conversations.

What are your healthy priorities?  Are you aware of the positive and negative conditioning in your mind?

Do you have healthy habits and rituals to maintain your health happiness, and the priorities of wealth?

As I write these words I’m reminded that you will read them and perceive them in your own mind positive or negative.

I like to focus on the good the positive thoughts, positive words, and the positive people that speak the truth with positive intentions.

Each and everyone of us has layers upon layers of conditioning, and the key is to recognize the negative conditioning the patterns that one will repeat stuck in the mental and chemical reactions of thinking, and the drama, which is a drug in itself.

I have learned and continue to learn by doing daily, through exercise through surfing, and more importantly, the mind spirit and body to self regulate to train my mind how to stay present and get present through proper breathing and meditation.

When I mention breathing or meditation, it takes consistent training to learn the power of the mind and body through both.

It doesn’t mean that one has to sit for 2 to 3 hours a day to learn.

Custom art San Mateo Treatles native life by Paul Carter

 Learning to self regulate without drugs or alcohol, is pure freedom each has there many drawbacks and ultimately ask yourself. Do you want to have a clear mind and body, or rely on drugs and alcohol and wake up ties and in a fog daily.

Imagine, breaking the chains of the layers of conditioned lies one day at a time to the point to where you wake up happier and healthier and yes, we all wake up sometimes with negative thoughts but that changes over time when one disconnects from the distractions of social media and people and TV and places and let the mind have time to process and get presents with more peace overtime it does get stronger 

To be continued, I thank each and everyone of you for the positive uplifting conversations.

I will be writing more blogs, and for the time being taking a break on social media.

Final words are keep cleaning house, mentally spiritually, physically of all of the stuff that is no longer useful in your life.

So donate sell giveaway, the stuff and minimize the stuff in your life for more positive energy and space.

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