Monday, October 09, 2023

Living without validation art by Paul Carter

What does living without validation mean to you?
No matter how we are raised being an only child or the youngest of nine, whatever your situation is sooner or later one has to take responsibility with awareness and courage to clean house of the negative conditioning we all have.
I don’t believe in luck or mistakes I believe in learning by doing that is the key
Experience is priceless and there are no losers or winners if one is not learning. 
It’s the people that look at all of the positives all the good no matter the situation are the ones that learn by doing and grow from the inside out with a more healthy positive perspective and perception.

Sunset Laguna beach 2023 by Paul Carter
When I began surfing, I went through many layers of conditioning, and I kept at it.  Yes I went through all of the ups and downs. And yes, I went through the ego journey through the teens and 20s and 30s not knowing I was holding myself back.
To live without validation is true freedom. When getting knocked down or stuck on the merry-go-round the key is getting back up.  
One of the stronger traits I learned early on is to always focus on the good no matter what.
I look at the painting below and I am grateful and thankful that I kept learning how to sketch and blend colors and paint these murals.  This is a painting of San Clemente and Dana Point little did I know that when I started shaping surfboards in 1993 I would begin my art journey in 2000 and combining the two art forms into these original one of kind painted murals.

Custom made Surfboards an art by Paul Carter
The video is some of the latest inspired art creativity with Surfboards and a little clip of Surfing from my friend Tyler Warren video shot by Ryan Chang.
What does ego mean to you?

This photo below is from Mike Muir I’ve known since I was about 14 or 15.
The over lay image was created, by julianna danson using my art.
I look at these photos, and I’m grateful and thankful for these time capsules of Surfing and Art and Boards, and I share them with confidence to inspire.

PaulCarter Surfing photo by Mike Muir

 Wouldn’t it be awesome to time travel I believe when we think of something or someone and we feel those thoughts and feelings and emotions that’s when we attract them and create them.

I do think time travel is here and has been here for centuries, and when you learn the power of the mind and body one can time travel anywhere on the planet
I do think there is a time machine and it has been around for centuries.  To be continued.
 I thank each and everyone of you for joining the positive creative tribe.   Join the journey on instagram and YouTube both are under paulcarterart..

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