Thursday, November 09, 2023

Custom original art by #paulcarterart

Time travel through art.
When I look at these original paintings, it takes me back to so many time periods on this journey.

These are some of the original art pieces from the past to the present.

The keyhole painting is three-quarter inch plywood that a neighbor was throwing out that I knew would be great.

Keep in mind each one of these pieces is a small reflection of the mental, spiritual physical journey that I was on at that time frame.

The painting under the keyhole was originally a painting of convict Lake on the way to Mammoth.
Yes, I decided to put some waves on the lake and the moon was shining as well.

The painting just to the right of the teepee on the hilltop was originally all black on the white canvas, depicting a native lifestyle.
I decided to add some color and take it to a different level of art.
Original art by Paul Carter
I really like abstract it makes one see what they perceive.

I learned at an early age, the power of positive thinking and feelings which kept growing as the years went on.
Custom art by Paul carter
Each one of these paintings are original freehand, art using acrylic, paints, and paint pens.

This last group of paintings are pretty current. Each one of these paintings have the dates on them to reflect the timeframe on the journey.

I think each and everyone of you for joining the positive tribe on Instagram and YouTube.

I appreciate all of the uplifting and positive conversations.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out, thank you.

Custom surfboards and art by Paul Carter


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