Saturday, December 02, 2023

Minimal healthy lifestyle art by Paul Carter

Simple, minimal healthy lifestyle, what and where does your perception go with that statement or title?
I am reminded of the importance of healthy priorities. What are my intentions today for the day.?
. This sketch is a reminder of the native life of living in handmaid structures. Getting back to nature, growing one’s own food and staying grounded and connected to nature. I’m finding is very important for a healthy mind, spirit and body..
Time travel art by Paul Carter
Getting out in nature is very important to get and stay grounded.  Put your feet on the ground, in the sand wherever you are..
Having places that are quiet in nature are very empowering on many levels.  Disconnecting from all of the devices is important while you are in nature.
The sketch reminds me of keeping life as simple as possible minimal as possible, and still live a healthy happy quality lifestyle.
It’s not about being perfect. No one is perfect.  Ego is insecurity and constantly looking for validation..  Confidence is learning by doing through experience, and not looking for Validation in one’s life.
Community is important, with family and friends, having trusting people that you can have open and honest and uplifting conversations with is very important.
We are all condition from childhood one way or another, and as we grow up with more awareness one is able to think, see and feel what is important for one’s happiness and health and wealth.
And as I write these words, I’m reminded that each of you that read these words will have your own perception with them.  What is wealth for you?   Some people, call it prosperity, which in my mind is much more than money.
It’s not the survival of the fittest it’s about one’s intention with people, places and things.
It’s community it’s a tribe it’s working together to thrive not just to survive.
Take the time to know they self to clean house mentally and physically.  That can be sitting down, and with a pen and paper and writing out all of the things that matter, and don’t matter, For your health and happiness.
In the past when I was going through a time of stress or confusion, I would sit down and write by myself in a safe place with no one around.  I would let my mind and heart open up and write out anything and everything that came out. 
During this time of writing and releasing and renewing, I would sometimes open up and release tears of all types of emotions.  I say, and share this as 100% heterosexual male.  For men, crying or shedding tears was a sign of weakness growing up.  What I found in my self, and with other men who shared their tears of joy and happiness and sadness.  It was and is a sign of great strength just the opposite of the conditioning I learned along the way.
The image below is a great reminder of taking a black-and-white sketch or situation and retraining, the mind and adding color to one’s life with a more positive self talk, which will empower a positive perspective and perception.
It’s a daily training of focusing on all of the good and learning by doing in the process.  It’s a daily awareness of one’s self talk and the conversations we have with family and friends and people who we might just meet for the first time on the daily journey.
For those that have made it to this point of reading one of the key points of (releasing writing) is I did not go back and read what I wrote during the session.  I actually burn them or shredded the paper to release and let go of all those thoughts, feelings, and emotions that weren’t uplifting and helping me grow from the inside out.
Thank you for reading the blog journey and thank you for all of the uplifting positive conversations I have with you.  Life is about growing forward, not simply going forward.  Embrace the waves of change daily..
Custom art by Paul Carter


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