Monday, April 08, 2013

Custom HandShaped Firemen Surfboards

Specializing in custom Handshaped Surfboards in all shapes and sizes is 98% of all of the boards I shape. The red striped board is a 9'6 by 23.25 for a guy in the 180-220 weight range with a 2+1 fin set up with a wood tail block. A board for speed and turning along with nose riding. The 10'2 is a classic shape with 3 stringers and a volan knee patch with a wood tail block. This board is 24 wide and made for gliding an trim speed and smoother turns. This is made for guys in the 180-240 range with a single fin set up. Thanks for checking out the latest. Stop by on the weekends or check out the website for more surfboards,videos and the new buy art page. Your comments and likes are welcome and appreciated.

this is the top of a new handshaped for a firemen with wood tail block and a glossed finish.
Custom Firemen Surfboard 

this is the bottom of the board with a 2+1 set up. a 9'4 by 23.50 wide.
Firemen Surfboard

A 10'2 by 24 with a wood tail block and 3 ceder wood stringers. Glossed finish with a single fin set up.
Custom Handshaped 10'2 Firemen Board

this is a single fin set up for smoorth pivot turns or gliding turns.
Custom 10'2 with 3 ceder stringers

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