Monday, May 05, 2014

Handshaped Sup San Clemente Surfboards & Abstract Art

custom handshaped sup boards surfboards stand up paddleboards
Paul Carter handshaped sup
Here is the latest Sup board for JP a 7'10 by 28 by 4 thick. This stand up paddle board is set up with five boxes for the many options an ways to ride waves from 1-6 feet.
JP requested a abstract painting with the 3 colors she liked.
This board has a nice curve through the outline and a nice nose and tail rocker for speed and manuverability with a concave to vee bottom.
I also put in two extra plugs in either side of the handle for a secondary handle which can be tucked in the handle when not in use.
One of the aspects that keep me inspired and motivated is the wide varity of surfboard shapes available this day in age.
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All of my surfboards are Handshaped an hand made in the USA since 1993.
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I also have a few boards down at Bashams on Los molinos.
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