Monday, February 27, 2017

Taking steps to health drawing by Paul Carter

Taking steps towards health each day is key.  This drawing goes back to another life time in 2007 and the steps I have taken since then have changed my life from the inside out on many levels.

This is a some of what I have learned from the inspiration of God,  This is not about religion it is  about a relationship with the unconditional love and inspiration and strength and courage and everything positive I trust through faith to believe and take the steps daily and do the work with the inspired creativity I receive and do something useful with my hands Eph-4-v-28
It is mental, nutritional, spiritual and physical balance each is connected and affects the other.  I know from trial and error the importance of having a daily morning ritual is key for me to stay grounded and focused and clear before I get into life's responsibilities. 

To be continued====

Health tips Health steps
stairway to health drawing
by Paul Carter

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