Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Sano surfing surfboards moonrise to sunset by Paul Carter

Parts on the path in the last two weeks, a time capsule of moments to remember on the journey.

A moonrise at Sano with shark on the shack and yes in the water.
Sano life moon rise by Paul Carter
Moonrise at Sano
By Paul Carter 10-18
This was a surprise from a good friend Mike Muir👍🏾
surfing Sano this month on one of the 3 days of off shore winds and a nice combo swell.

I am riding a fresh new 7’6 straight 3 fin and it is doing exactly what I shaped it for
Paul Carter surfing Sano 10-18
Paul Carter surfing Sano 10-18
Photo by Mike Muir 
The colors of this time of year are clean and clear and paintings in progress with each new day.
Sunset at Sano by Oaul Carter
Sunset at Sano by Paul Carter
A new custom 10ft handshaped for Bob on his Mexico trips.  This is set up with a 2+1 fin boxes and a nice clean blue design tint in the top and bottom.  I always enjoy drawing a custom surf scene and positive reminders to keep one on track.
Custom Surfboards all shapes and sizes by Paul Carter
Custom handshaped Surfboards another stoked customer
By Paul Carter 10-18

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