Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Handmade custom Surfboards & Art by Paul Carter

Two custom Hand Shaped Surfboards.

The board on the left is a custom blank made by Clark Foam in 2006.  It is designed with three redwood stringers.  The center stringer is 1/4 inch and the two sides are 1/8 thick for the curves of the waves

I am putting together a short YouTube video for my channel, link is below.  The video will show more of the details of the painted board with more close up shots of the stringers and the colors of the painted waves.
Handshaped Surfboards & art by Paul Carter San Clemente,Ca
Handshaped Surfboards San Clemente
By Paul Carter
The painted board is just under 9’6 by one inch with a 18 inch nose and 22.50 center and a 14.50 tail.

I rode the board is the annual Sano Surf Club contest which was a great time and I managed to get some good waves and a first place wooden trophy.

At the time I wanted to create a clsssic performance style board and a one of kind painting for the art shows and of course surfing and to have fun cruising and nose riding.

The board on the right was a remake from a well used board in the early 2000.

In the early 1990s I saw a Rene Yater board with the same stringer set up and it made logical sense on a few levels.  It only took one board to realize the importants I’d having the stringers wide enough for the coenteenbox to fitnin cleanly.  I handshaped a few hundred of these double wedge stringer boards in all sizes.
San Clemente Surfboards by Paul Carter 2019

It was time to let this board go to a stoked human and I am happy to say it did.

I am working in new surfboard designs in all shapes and sizes so stay tuned and I thank you for checking out the blog posts and following the journey.

I specialize in custom Surfboards in all shapes and sizes for all ages and abilities.

For questions or to get your dream board started call 949-370-5807.

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Custom craftsman surfboard shaper Paul Carter 2019

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