Sunday, December 09, 2012

New Drawings, Native & Natural

A black ink on canvas showing the beauty of the Native life set on top of the mountain overlooking the empty line up that went on for thousands of years before surfing started.
The second is on glass showing one of my favorite dream scenes. With the glass it give a etching stained glass look and feel. These are both 20/24 inches and are available for sale,there are also two 4/6 drawing available. Give us a call at 949-361-5885 or email at
All Surfboards & Art are Proudly made in
The USA.
Stay inspired

This shows the simplicity of the native life with the beauty of southern california. 20/24 black ink on canvas
Native Style Life

This is an original drawing on glass in a 4/6 size. Showing the natural beauty of a sunset. Paint pen on glass.
Sunset Drawing

This is also a 4/6 on glass using a white paint pen.
Drawing on Glass

This is a 20/24 drawing using white water based Pen. Sunset are always great to see.
Drawing on Glass By Paul Carter

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