Thursday, January 31, 2013

Shaping Surfboards San Clemente

This is the latest custom shape for Jack, a 5'1 by 20.58 wide and 2.5 thick with black glue lines and a bass stringer. Over 7 years ago the majority of the boards I shaped were longer in the 8-10ft range. Now it's 60% shaping all shapes and sizes under 8ft . The remaining 40% is everything in between 8-10'6. Long story short I enjoy shaping more then ever because of the opened mind of the surfers today. This board is a great example of the many varieties this day in age in the shaping and surfing world it's great.
Stop in on the weekends and check out all the short and long boards and artwork. Get your orders in before summer... 949-361-5885 or
Stay inspired and stoked.

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